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BioInformatics Internship

Dates: June 27 - July 22, 2016

Meets: 12 N to 10:00 PM

Commuter: $250.00

Registration is not allowed at this time.
Please contact our office for more information.

Support Person: Jean Rhea  Phone: 423-439-8266 or 1-800-222-ETSU (3878)  Email:

Participants will learn:

Computer skills - Basics of Python programming, regular expressions, UNIX command line interface and scripting.

Computational biology - Fundamentals of probability theory, hypothesis testing, likelihood and Bayesian approaches, use of calculus in Biology, fractals and cellular automata, sequence evolution, genome structure and evolution, phylogenetic analysis.

Molecular biology - Gene structure and functioning, regulation of gene expression, genetics of viruses, genetics of cancer, principles of recombinant DNA technology.

Labs - Restriction analysis (humans), PCR and sequencing (fungi), RNAi knockdown (Daphnia).


We strongly recommended that students attend Genetic lectures by Skype starting at least June 20th, (preferably June 6th) in order to be prepared for the course that they will physically attend.


Handbooks and map will be emailed 2 weeks before camp begins.
Fee: $250.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)Commuter$ 250.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Residential$1,200.00
Date Day Time Location
06/27/2016Monday12 N to 10 PM
06/28/2016Tuesday12 N to 10 PM
06/29/2016Wednesday12 N to 10 PM
06/30/2016Thursday12 N to 10 PM
07/01/2016Friday12 N to 10 PM
07/04/2016Monday12 N to 10 PM
07/05/2016Tuesday12 N to 10 PM
07/06/2016Wednesday12 N to 10 PM
07/07/2016Thursday12 N to 10 PM
07/08/2016Friday12 N to 10 PM
07/11/2016Monday12 N to 10 PM
07/12/2016Tuesday12 N to 10 PM
07/13/2016Wednesday12 N to 10 PM
07/14/2016Thursday12 N to 10 PM
07/15/2016Friday12 N to 10 PM
07/18/2016Monday12 N to 10 PM
07/19/2016Tuesday12 N to 10 PM
07/20/2016Wednesday12 N to 10 PM
07/21/2016Thursday12 N to 10 PM
07/22/2016Friday12 N to 10 PM


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