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Renaissance Child Camps Ages 6-12

Dates:June 5, 2023 - July 14, 2024
Meets:8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: $0.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

Renaissance Camps at ETSU
Summer 2023
Many of the younger camps are full; however, if you go ahead and register, we will put the child on the wait-list and try to get him/her in the camp(s).
First Grade through Sixth Grade
Discoverers: Entering First and Second grades
Explorers: Entering Third and Fourth grades
Adventurers: Entering Fifth and Sixth grades Cost: $190.00 per week.
Discounts for ETSU which includes employees, students, and Alumni and multi-camps sign-up.

Week 1
June 5 -9 Investigation Station
Field trip: Warrriors Path Park

A reboot of popular camp is back on the docket for 2023! Can you solve the mystery? Are you a little detective or a future CSI agent? Stop by the Renaissance Camp Investigation Station for a week of “Who Done It” fun!

Discoverers Camp: Super Sleuths
Who, what, when, where, why, and how? The Super Sleuths will be on the trail to find the answers. They will identify mystery powders, learn how to lift fingerprints, and make impressions of teeth. Campers will discover the secret behind magic cabbage juice and rainbow milk. They will investigate the science behind some other wacky experiments and participate in creative arts projects. The week will culminate with the ever popular Renaissance Camp mock crime scene, an epic “ Who Done It” never fear, the Sleuths will use their expertise to solve it!

Explorers Camp: Investigation Squad
A crime has been committed, Investigation Squad to the rescue! The Explorers will identify mystery powders, lift fingerprints and footprints. They will learn how to do paper chromatography, and other skills needed to solve the great Renaissance Camp Caper. The campers will take part in other science experiments, work in teams to conduct problem solving activities and participate in creative arts projects. The week will culminate with the mock crime scene. Who done it?... the sneaky Renaissance Camp counselors, of course!

Adventurers Camp: Forensic Detectives
The Adventurers will take part in a variety of Forensic Science activities. They will make casts of footprints, lift latent fingerprints, and learn how to type blood (Using synthetic blood). Campers will have the opportunity to conduct fiber analysis and other related experiments. The highlight of the week will be the staged crime scene designed for the Adventurers to solve, The Renaissance Camp Detectives will solve the mystery by interviewing culprits, applying biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and deductive reasoning. They will conclude their investigation with a mock press conference. It will be an exciting action-packed week.

Week 2
June 12-16
Cool Chemistry Fun
One of the Ren Camp kids' favorite activities is to play mad, crazy scientist!
Field Trip: Emerald Village Gem Mine, Spruce Pine NC

Discoverers Camp: Super Science!
Grab your safety goggles, you're entering Renaissance Camp's Crazy Mad Scientists' Lab! Campers develop their own formulas to create some safe chemical reactions in this camp. Hands-on activities will be used to demonstrate the states of matter and physical and chemical changes. They will express their creativity during their art activity time and put their problem-solving skills to the test during group challenges and games. Come join us for a week of oozey and goozey fun!

Explorers Camp: Extraordinary Experiments
Renaissance Camp Explorers always enjoy creating an explosion! They are guaranteed to do just that when they experiment with various mixtures and solutions. Campers will identify the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. The Explorers will make some magic purple juice to create a PH indicator and will have the opportunity to mix up some of their own potions. They will also take part in cross curricular art projects and team building activities. Yes, something will “blow up” and it will be deemed extraordinary!

Adventurers Camp: Colossal Chemistry
The Adventurers will employ the scientific method as they become cool research chemists for the week. They will learn about mixtures, solutions and super solutes by making beautiful geodes. To learn about water solubility, campers will participate in some Sharpie science. While learning about the periodic table of the elements, they will make edible models of molecules. Cross curricular art projects and team building activities round out the week’s activities. This camp is an exciting introduction to the field of chemistry with a variety of fun and challenging experiments!

Week 3
June 19 - 23 "STREAMS" (Science, Technology, Reading & Recreation, Engineering Art, Math)
What is “STREAM Camp”? It is a “STEM” program with art, physical activities and language arts, too. It is “Science and More” with hands-on activities in a variety of fields of science, and a lot more. No matter what you call it, it is the Renaissance Camp’s tried and true formula for 21 years of successful children’s programming. It is “Learning in the ‘guise of fun”!
Field Trip: Grandfather Mountain International Biosphere Reserve and Nature Preserve

Discoverers Camp: A Kaleidoscope of Fun
This camp truly is a kaleidoscope of ever-changing patterns and scenes! The Discoverers will participate in a variety of activities and experiments in different areas of the sciences. They will make circuits from electrified “playdough”, make their own polymers and much more. Campers will be able to express their creative side when taking part in a variety of art activities. The Discoverers will enjoy peering into the Renaissance Camp’s kaleidoscope of STREAM activities!

Explorers Camp: A Mixed Bag of Tricks!
Scientists, artists, writers, engineers, and mathematicians, that’s who our Explorers are! They will participate in a variety of science experiments and engineering projects. Explorers will discover that math can be a blast when they make egg carriers and launch them. Expressing their creative side, they will take part in projects using different art media and styles. This will be an exciting week of diverse activities, a mixed bag for sure!

Adventurers Camp: A Mosaic of STREAM Activities
There are many activities that make up the STREAM mosaic and the Adventurers will take part in a variety of them. The campers will use the scientific method of investigation to develop their own chemistry experiments. They will be challenged to design bridges, roller coasters and dabble into the world of robotics. Using different art media and styles, the Adventurers will express their creative side with interesting art projects. STREAM week will be an exciting experience all about “learning in the guise of fun”!

Week 4
June 26 - June 30
Construction Zone
The ever-popular Construction Zone is back in the line up this summer. It is well liked by campers because they get to hammer, make things from cardboard and use lots of Duct tape! It employs engineering, physics, math and individual creativity in an exciting way. Be careful when you enter the Construction Zone, there will be a lot of building going on.
Field Trip: Steele Creek Park

Discoverers Camp: Junior Engineer Camp
Grab your hard hats, move over Bob the Builder, the Renaissance Junior Engineers are in the house! The Discoverers will use simple machines while taking part in a variety of interesting projects. They will experience how things work while learning the basic laws of physics and engineering. The Discovers’ favorite projects involve building their own toys from wood and cardboard boxes and other recycled items, The week will culminate with the annual Renaissance Kids Trade Show, where the campers will display their creations.

Explorers Camp: Engineering Exploration
Campers will construct simple machines to explore the fundamental concepts of energy, force, friction, and other basic laws of physics. They will make rubber band cars and devise a way for them to be the fastest in the race! The Explorers’ final challenge will be to research, design, and build the prototype of a machine using recycled materials. Campers will display their creations at the annual Renaissance Kids Trade Show at the end of the week.

Adventurers Camp: Master Engineers
The Adventurers will use the engineering design process of brainstorming, designing, building, testing and redesigning to meet daily group challenges. They will explore basic laws of physics while building bridges, air-powered dragsters, and simple machines. The campers’ final challenge will be to design and build a compound machine which utilizes at least two simple machines. They will also develop an advertising campaign. The annual Renaissance Kids Trade Show at the end of the week allows campers to display their creations and present their commercial.

July 3- 7 Summer Break: Happy 4th of July! No camps this week

Week 5
July 10-14
Kitchestry is the best loved camp session that we have. It is a chemistry, math, cooking and eating camp all rolled into one! Space is limited and it fills up quickly. Register early to assure that your camper can attend.

Discoverers Camp: Kitchen Wizards
It is never too early for a child to start experimenting in the kitchen. The Kitchen Wizards will make their own snacks and tasty treats in the classroom and in the ETSU's foods lab in Hutcheson Hall. They will use their math skills when measuring ingredients and observe the states of matter while preparing recipes. The campers will participate in some exciting chemistry experiments using items found in a home kitchen. They will make Renaissance Camp’s world-famous scratch pizza. The Discovers’ pizza is noteworthy because they love to knead the dough!

Explorers Camp: Fabulous Food Scientists
Cooking is indeed a science. The Explorers work in the ETSU Hutcheson Hall Food Lab each day. They will experiment with different leavening agents and learn how to make precise measurements. Working together in their kitchen groups, the campers will plan and create a variety of tasty dishes. So grab your chef’s hat and apron —the food will be fabulous, and all the activities will be fun!

Adventurers Camp: Super Chefs
The Super Chefs will concentrate on different skill-building activities to discover how temperature, different ingredients, and methods affect the outcome of a recipe. The Adventurers will also be introduced to the basic safety regulations that must be followed in commercial kitchens. They will work together in their kitchen groups to prepare a different dish each day. The week will culminate with a basket of mystery ingredients for the Renaissance Camp’s version of “Chopped” ! Budding chefs and lovers of tasty food are guaranteed to enjoy Kitchestry!

Week 6
July 17-21
Aqua Eco: Our Waterways, Oceans, Rivers and Streams NEW
Aqua Eco or water ecology is a new camp for 2023. The emphasis will be on marine and freshwater biomes, and keeping our waterways safe for future generations. Campers will participate in activities that deal with oceanography. They will take part in water sampling on the ETSU campus, and a nature walk in the Doe River at Roan Mountain State Park. In traditional Renaissance Camp style, Aqua Eco Camp will be packed with fun and exciting activities. Come on in, the water is fine!
Field Trip: Roan Mountain

Discoverers Camp: Budding Aquatic Biologists
The Discoverers will conduct density experiments with salt and fresh water to discover the differences between ocean and river water. The young biologists will learn about aquatic biomes and will have the opportunity to create a diorama of the plants and animals that inhabit them. They will take part in a variety of other experiments and projects throughout the week. The campers will have an exciting time as they discover all the creatures living in the crystal-clear water of the Doe River.

Explorers Camp: Junior Aquatic Environmentalists
The Explorers will make models of the 5 zones of the ocean and take part in projects that will demonstrate adaptations animals make in different environments. They will develop methods to clean up an oil spill and save the ducks! The campers will also take part in many other experiments and projects. All of the camp’s participants have the opportunity to investigate the stream at ETSU and look for critters in the Doe River.

Adventurers Camp: Water Ecology Warriors
The Aqua Eco Warriors will be challenged to develop a water filtration system and use the scientific method of investigation to test their results. They will develop methods to clean up oil spills, ways to clean our waterways, and keep them pollution free. The Adventurers will conduct experiments on pH levels. They will test the pH of different water samples including the Doe River. Many other interesting and fun activities and experiments will take place too.

Week 7
July 24 - 28
Astronomy and Aerospace. It is All Rocket Science!
Space Science Camp is back on the launch pad this summer! This has been a popular program in the past.
Field Trip: Bays Mountain

Discoverers Camp: From the Earth to the Moon and Beyond! Discovering our Universe:
What makes up our solar system? How far away is the sun? How did the constellations get their names? Our Discoverers will learn the answers to these questions and many more. The campers will become junior astronomers as they take part in activities at the ETSU Planetarium and Observatory. They will learn about the planets and make an edible model of the solar system. Discoverers will be introduced to the phases of the moon, comets, asteroids, and other topics through unique hands-on activities. They will design straw rockets and develop their own rocket fuel to launch a fizzy rocket. Their creative arts program will include space related projects. It will be an exciting, out of this world experience!

Explorers Camp: Three, Two, One Blast Off! Exploring the Outer Limits
The participants in the Explorers Camp will become rocket scientists for the
week. They will make straw rockets, stomp rockets and create the perfect chemical reaction to launch a bottle rocket. The Explorers will participate in activities at the ETSU Planetarium and the Observatory. They will design their own constellations and devise their own myth to go with it. Explores will make a model of our solar system. The campers will take part in exciting cross curricular art activities and a other space-related activities. Rockets will be flying; things will be exploding. Yes! It really is rocket science!

Adventurers Camp: An Experience in Aerospace Engineering
The Adventurers will further their understanding of astronomy and aerospace engineering. They will explore the laws of motion and the basic physics of flight.

They will experiment with kites, gliders, and paper airplanes. Using their knowledge of aerodynamics, the campers build and launch their own hydro-rockets. Astronomy will be the topic when they participate in activities at the ETSU Planetarium and the Observatory. The campers will take part in cross curricular art activities and other space related activities. The Adventurers will discover that a week as an aerospace engineer can be action packed and exciting.

****ETSU Renaissance Camp Refund/Cancellation/Transfer Policy******
Camp cancellation must be received at least 10 business days prior to the first camp session, you will receive a refund of camp fee(s) minus a $25 or three percent processing fee (whichever is greater) for credit card charges and administrative costs for each registration canceled.
Requests for camp cancellations must be made in writing by emailing
No refunds will be given after the first class meeting.
We are happy to transfer your child from one camp to another, or you may send a substitute in their place; however, because decisions to go with or cancel camps are made in advance, no transfers can be made within 10 business days prior to the beginning of the camp from which the transfer is requested.
If we cancel a camp for any reason, you will receive a full refund.
ETSU Office of Professional Development reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or combine camps and substitute qualified instructors when necessary.


Renaissance Camps drop off will be stated in the Parent's Handbook, will send map and handbook the Wednesday before each camp week. CHOOSE ONLY ONE DISCOUNT - YOU CANNOT TAKE BOTH. If registering for multiple workshops or multiple children, please select additional charges at fees and apply the discount rate of $10.00 off per camp for multiple registrations. If ETSU employee or student, $15.00 off per camp, please use ETSU email address. There will be a $10.00 per every fifteen (15) minutes late charged after 5:00 p.m.
Fee: $0.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)See Workshop listing$ 0.00
Optional FeeETSU Discout per camp$ -15.00
Optional FeeETSU Discount for 2 camps$ -30.00
Optional FeeETSU Discount for 3 camps$ -45.00
Optional FeeETSU Discount for 4 camps$ -60.00
Optional FeeETSU Discount for 5 camps$ -75.00
Optional FeeETSU Discount for 6 camps$ -90.00
Optional FeeETSU Discount for 7 camps$ -105.00
Optional FeeDiscount for 2 camps$ -20.00
Optional FeeDiscount for 3 camps$ -30.00
Optional FeeDiscount for 4 camps$ -40.00
Optional FeeDiscount for 5 camps$ -50.00
Optional FeeDiscount for 6 camps$ -60.00
Optional FeeDiscount for 7 camps$ -70.00

Kaylyn Manis

Ruth Taylor Read

Pat Williams

Date Day Time Location
06/05/2023Monday8 AM to 5 PM
06/06/2023Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/07/2023Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/08/2023Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
06/09/2023Friday8 AM to 5 PM
06/10/2023Saturday8 AM to 5 PM
06/12/2023Monday8 AM to 5 PM
06/13/2023Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/14/2023Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/15/2023Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
06/16/2023Friday8 AM to 5 PM
06/17/2023Saturday8 AM to 5 PM
06/19/2023Monday8 AM to 5 PM
06/20/2023Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/21/2023Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/22/2023Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
06/23/2023Friday8 AM to 5 PM
06/24/2023Saturday8 AM to 5 PM
06/26/2023Monday8 AM to 5 PM
06/27/2023Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/28/2023Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
06/29/2023Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
06/30/2023Friday8 AM to 5 PM
07/01/2023Saturday8 AM to 5 PM
07/03/2023Monday8 AM to 5 PM
07/04/2023Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
07/05/2023Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
07/06/2023Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
07/07/2023Friday8 AM to 5 PM
07/08/2023Saturday8 AM to 5 PM
07/10/2023Monday8 AM to 5 PM
07/11/2023Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM
07/12/2023Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM
07/13/2023Thursday8 AM to 5 PM
07/14/2023Friday8 AM to 5 PM
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